Ghosts of Recipes Past

or my body turned on me, so I am turning back the clock

Sigh.  This has been quite the year, and sadly my entries have taken the brunt of the neglect as a result.  Not only did our darling bundle of joy arrive last Summer, but my body decided that it was considerably displeased with its current situation.  The most severe issues landed me in the ER, and subsequently led to the removal of an internal organ that I would have preferred to have kept, but the side effect has been a lack of interest in food (if you follow me at all, you will know this would be devastating for me).  Fortunately as I am healing my interest in food is slowly returning, and hopefully my ability to eat meat!  Sadly, it is taking its own sweet time.  So, in loving memory of my lost appetite I bring to you today a selection of recipes from the past that I enjoy this time of year.  The ghosts of recipes past....

For the main event: brined and roasted turkey
We make this every year and I always have someone asking me what kind of turkey I buy or what I do to it to make it so tender and full of subtle flavors.  It really isn't that much work to prep it the night before and let it soak up all that goodness int he brine, if you haven't tried it before I highly recommend it.

Share-worthy side: homemade applesauce, stove top or pressure cooker
For me, a share worthy side dish must be kid friendly.  It must have a good base following.  And it should not be too outrageous   For the holiday season, I feel that applesauce appropriately meets all of this preliminary criteria.  It is easily customizable to show your own unique tastes, but it stands strong on its own as a base.

Decadent desserts: sugar cream pie or a variety of trifles 
Make ahead is the way to go, and it doesn't hurt to be easy and cheap as well.  With a well stocked pantry, the sugar cream pie only requires me to buy two items.  And the trifle doesn't even require the stove or oven!  Can they really get any easier than that?

Leftover lovers: thanksgiving in a bowl turkey soup
Because leftovers can be given new life, and really - don't we all deserve a second chance?

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