Fry All Your Cares Away Pork Chops

or "I want comfort food and a waistline boneless pork"

So, how do you get that delicious taste of fried chicken without the calorie/fat guilt fall out?  You don't.  But you can get some pretty delicious comfort food that offers a fairly convincing nod towards the influence of that delicious classic - reduced post-meal calorie and fat regret: depression prevention benefit #1.  Bonus - it's quick and cheap!  Even if it doesn't turn out quite right on your first try, no worries on buyer's remorse - depression prevention benefit #2.  (And you weren't even trying!)

Boneless, thin cut pork chops (6-8 thin cut, 3-4 regular cut)
Olive oil spray
1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil
1/2 cup Panko (Japanese Breadcrumbs)
1/4 cup Parmesan Romano Cheese
House Seasoning Blend

And here's how we do it:
1. Remove pork from package and cut in half width-wise.  Season one side with spice blend and set aside to soak it up while you do the rest.

2. Mix Panko and cheese in a bowl or shallow dish.  Spray both sides of each piece of pork with olive oil and press firmly into the mixture, ensuring that it sticks well to both sides.  Take care with this as your attention to crumb coverage now will most definitely result in crispy, comforty goodness after cooking.

3. Pour enough Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a deep pan to coat the bottom and gently nestle up around the edges of your pork chops without drowning them, hey they deserve some comfort too!  Bring heat to medium and test the oil to ensure that it is hot before adding the breaded pork.

4. Gently fry the pork for approximately 2 minutes per side or until they turn a delicious golden color (3-4 min if using thicker cuts of pork).  Remove to a plate covered in paper towel and season with kosher salt if the craving desires.  

(Do not be afraid of slightly pink centers if the pork is thicker, it does not contain the evil bacteria often found in it's classic counterpart - chicken - all of our lovely dedicated food authorities have recently restored Pork's good name in this regard.  Just sit back and enjoy the juicy goodness that is this new comfort classic)

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